Lifetime Guarantee

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We are definitely not a ‘fly by night’ operation. We’ve designed and made Saul Swags right here in regional Victoria since 1957.

We’ve always only ever used the very best and most reliable materials to make our Saul Swags so we can be sure they’re built to last.

Our Lifetime Guarantee is our promise to you and is for your piece of mind.

If on those very rare occasions when something happens to your Saul Swag, we don’t want you to worry.

Our free repair service will have you back out there enjoying your Saul Swag again as fast as we can.

We sew our name and contact details on every Saul Swag we make so you can always find us – that’s how much confidence we have in our product.

Email us here directly if you have any questions.

*Our Lifetime Guarantee and free repair service applies to Saul Swags only – not mattresses

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