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To clean the swag do not use detergents, soap or cleaning fluid. 

Just wash down with a garden hose using a soft brush to loosen the dirt. We do not recommend sewing a vinyl ground sheet to the bottom of the swag as this may create condensation which is absorbed by the mattress and nearly impossible to dry out during a camping trip.

When damp, the swag should not be left rolled up for longer than 2 days as it may develop mildew. Thorough air-drying is essential. Only your blanket or linen need to be cleaned periodically.

The best way to roll up our swag is starting from the toe part, pushing your knees down on the roll while you compress the swag ahead with your hands as you go along. The head cover is rolled up last. This will prevent the swag from springing apart while you buckle up the straps.

With our ‘Bum Wraps‘, the canvas is cared for in the same way as our swags (see above). The wool liner can be spot cleaned as required.


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