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A Bushy’s User Appraisal

Lovers of the great outdoors have now rediscovered the joys of the swag, but before you plunge in and buy, take a moment and read about this beauty.

At first glance it’s no show pony-simple, no fancy logos or add ons, but it’s got it where it counts.

The canvas is heavy duty and there is heaps of it, (a common failure with a lot of other swags), with lots to spare at the head to cover you and you bag. The envelope is spacious, having plenty of room for larger users, plus their sleeping bag, tomorrow’s clothes, pillow and teddy bear if required. The stitching is excellent – heavy thread, well finished off and doubled up for added strength along the edges and inner cover hinge. A reinforcing rivet is also fitted at the inner cover envelope junction (a point most likely to fail first if not strengthened).

General waterproofing is very good. If care is taken when setting up (don’t camp in a hole and fold the canvas against the wind blown rain) a comfortable dry night will be your’s. As a matter of interest, mine is coloured blue, which makes it easy to find among a load of green ones!

I found the mattress to be of a good size, thickness (70mm) and density. I did not require an additional lilo, even on rougher ground (and I’m no lightweight at 12 stone 7 pounds or 90kg). If you pick your spot and scratch out a hip scrape, all the better.

Other features worthy of notice include the complete lack of press studs, velcro or zips. Internal straps are nylon, with double ‘D’ buckles. So what? Well, in my view the chance of fastener failure has been absolutely minimised, ensuring long lasting user comfort.

The carry straps are also synthetic, a tough pliable reinforced vinyl with brass buckles (just about strong enough to use as ‘snatch um’ straps).

Like it? I love it! It’s been with me to the Kimberley, it goes on driving and hunting trips and it’s my preferred bed when staying overnight with friends (beats a creaky fold up).

Bad points? I couldn’t find any (the girl tucked in mine doesn’t come with it). Anyway, have a look around and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s good value for money.

Steve Pearman – Swifts Creek

4×4 Magazine

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